“There’s always maintenance, there’s always replacement, and when it’s unexpected it makes it harder to digest.”

Robert Vettese, Hammonton Public Works Manager


“We are still doing some work on video; we’re going to start videoing water and sewer lines, sewer lines especially.”

Hon. Stephen DiDonato, Mayor, Town of Hammonton

“We’ve got to get them videoed to see what they look like….This is videoing only to see what we’re dealing with.”

Hon. Steven Furgione, Councilman, Town of Hammonton

“There’s nobody that wants to admit more ownership, because then they are admitting responsibility and they have to do something.”

Hon. Stephen DiDonato, Mayor, Town of Hammonton

This story was produced in collaboration with CivicStory and the New Jersey Sustainability Reporting project. It was originally reported by Joseph F. Berenato for The Hammonton Gazette, and may be re-distributed through the Creative Commons License, with attribution.

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